Metro Auto Body Insurance Claims Process

Metro Auto Body acts as a liaison between you and the insurance company. The insurance claims process if oftentimes unpleasant and stressful for clients, and especially if the carrier is uncooperative. We work with all insurance carriers, large or small and handle the insurance claims process with our certified appraisers to reduce waiting time and the limit obstacles while your vehicle is being repaired. Our step-by step process ensures maximum efficiency in handling the claims process from start to finish, so you don't have to.

Step By Step

The Metro Process

You've Had An Accident

You've gotten into an accident - or your vehicle has been damaged while left unattended. Say Calm. Make sure you and your passengers are okay, and give us a call. We will respond immediately, and based on your description, will inform you if you need to call the police. We will simultaneously arrange for a pickup for you, your passengers and your vehicle.

Insurance and Car Rental

Together, we will contact your insurance company or the insurance company of the other party, ensuring that the claim is being filed properly. During your stay, and in the event that your insurance policy includes rental coverage, we set you up with a rental car that is paid for by your insurance provider.

We Handle Everything Else

Our skilled team of appraisers works with your insurance company to establish a Liability of Accident cause, ensuring that the insurance provider cooperates in a timely manner and that your claim will be covered in full. Metro also sets up an appointment with an appraiser from the insurance company, going over the damage together and reaching an agreement pertaining to coverage.

We Negotiate So You Don't Have To

Our experts make sure that the insurance company appraiser agrees to pay for the full extent of repairs and parts needed to replace those damaged in your vehicle. Our aim is to guarantee the safety and reliability of your vehicle, and return it to its original condition.

The Repair Process Begins

The vehicle is bought to the repair shop and dismantled, in order to inspect the damages concealed by external panels. We determine the parts needed and order them prior to the car being inspected, so that your repair can start immediately upon appraisal by our certified experts. Our typical turnover time is 3 - 5 business days, after which your vehicle will be tested both on the highway and on residential blocks to gauge its road-worthiness. All our work is 100% guaranteed and warrantied.

Your Vehicle Is Ready

A few days before your car is set to be released, we will contact you in order to work out the best time for you to receive it. We can deliver it to your home or workplace as a courtesy, or keep it in our facilities if you opt to retrieve it personally. You're good to go!

Need Professional Vehicle Towing Services?

Metro Auto Body's team of professionals are highly skilled, familiar with each process needed, and will make sure that your experience is as hassle-free as possible. Browse our gallery for more before-and-after images, and experience the difference Metro's team of experts can have on your auto body repair experience. With over 50 years of service in the auto repair industry, efficiency is the Metro way.

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