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On the court, Kageyama fist pumps to himself and Hinata copies the action, both yelling heatedly at the point. This one was also written at 3 am…and then deleted, so now I’m pissed. At the moment, you inspect the freshest mark on your hand before a kind voice interrupts you. Aug 4, 2020 - I’m a sucker for iwaoi. Then he draws up his blown-out pupils to meet yours. The shorter male jumps high enough to make you blanch while he slams the ball to the ground, just brushing a blocker’s fingertips. The raspy tone, the smug glint in his eye, the teasing lilt of the nickname. You resorted to pen caps while he whined, chucking a few at the bathroom door in annoyance when he got a little too loud. Crédito de las imágenes a sus respectivos autores. It’s Takeda! When you finish (or more like give up) your studying is when you ask. “Thank you. “Yeah, you’re right!” you admit breathlessly. Wonderful. Instinctively, you panicked and tried to wiggle away, but with one “it’ll be okay” from the cop along with a kind smile, you relented and allowed him to lead you back. go”, he hissed. He is of a muscular build. Kageyama’s always been tough, but that was a hard hit!” Yachi anxiously bounces on her toes beside you with worry in her eyes. Devil's Smirk | Kageyama Tobio [C O M P L E T E D] Fanfiction by @alyhani Main Cast : Kageyama Tobio x (Reader) Kageyama Tobio from Haikyuu Disclaimer to Haruichi Furudate sensei Penggila bola voli dengan senyumnya yang membuat siapapun mengurungkan niatnya untuk mendekat. you was looking at him with sarcastic smirk, when his hand was gripping your hair. No, even after your screams and your cries, your pleas and your whimpers, you could still hear the arrogance in his tone. There was a smirk on his face. GIF by homosucklover. Unclean. When he hears those words, steam practically blows from his ears. The game is won by a landslide, and he offers to walk you home, a chance at which you jump furiously. Still thinking about volleyball, huh? “YN!” A hand waves in front of your face frantically. Share via … “Sweetheart, you’re so adorable when you get all bratty like this. Thanks for the request! “Suga, stop it!”, “Daichi, please, just help me! Said you always would-”, “Didn’t you? I’m sure it’ll be fine. 60 notes. What y’all really look like; You and Akaashi wake up hungover, drunk, and confused when you try to move only to realize Bokuto either has half his body weight is either on one of you or holding on to you for dear life It’s still cute till you gotta get up to go pee but can’t ; #bokuto x black!reader #akaashi x black!reader #haikyuu x black reader #haikyuu x black!reader. “Nope.”. I’ll have Hinata spike it directly forward and over his fingers.’. The worst part is he never even took it to heart. i loved your yandere hc’s of the darling trapping them in a room while they try to escape. Jun 9, 2020 - This HD wallpaper is about Anime, Haikyu! He shook his head, trying not to take it to heart before more words, almost indecipherable, scrawl themselves on his hand. Read Kuroo X Tsukishima from the story Haikyuu!! (Side note: Thanks for 1k followers!). The second that thought flitted through your brain, they were already both dragging you back toward the apartment building, both of their combined strengths overpowering you easily. your face was harshly pressed into one of the lockers by an opposite team’s player. Only a tight pain was growing in your chest. Like holy crap, that’s amazing how fast that happened, so thanks again you guys! Noya gave you a smirk and walked up to you, kissing your forehead once he got down on all fours. “You played amazing tonight.” You smile up at him and he hesitantly returns the gesture. It's almost weird how a child can find comfort in his gaze, that used to make pets and kids uncomfortable. Then he slowly sets his hands in your hair and combs through it with trembling fingers. . how many different ways can you describe a kiss i. or perhaps it‘s the way those same lips curl into a smirk when you catch him staring at you … And he’s all yours. En este pequeño libro publicaré comi's,dj, imágenes, etc, sobre Haikyuu! Copy embed to clipboard. His hands settle into your hair and he’s hoping if you fall asleep fast enough, you won’t notice. Summary: After you get a new pet in your home, Kageyama can’t help but feel a little neglected after a while. Nothing hidden in the box in a closet. Each of you turned after hearing Tanaka groan, then you all laughed once Ashi went to the door and out of the gym rubbing the back of his neck. But I promise some of it is fluffy!! How long can I play this before she excuses me? It was him. The perfect KageyaMatobio Haikyu Anime Animated GIF for your conversation. It’s on your journey down the hall that you glance down at the word on the back of your hand. So is the bed!”. “Now, we both know that’s not true. “What does it say?” With a huff, you run a finger over the words. A collective gasp arises from the fans and his teammates surround him, inspecting the damage. A/N: This idea was just too cute I couldn’t pass on it! Anytime, whenever you’re watching a movie or just plain old taking a nap, he loves the feeling of you between his legs. ‘That Kageyama guy is my soulmate.’ Holy shit. Thank God, I’m so glad you’re okay with that. XDDDD Nishinoya instantly combs his free hand through your hair while you hum in delight against him. It was so full of pure love that you resented the warmth it spread through your veins. And when you woke, six long, dreamless hours later, you were back in the bed where it all began. Senyum yang memaksa seorang gadis untuk melakukan apapun yang disuruhnya. The instant you were close enough, Sugawara reached out for you, but the cop batted his hands away. Penggila bola voli bodoh yang … Did you need something?” You enter the cramped space and hold up your hand, squinting to see the ID card reading “Takeda.” He tenses at the word before nodding solemnly. ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ rin is so pent up after a long week of training. kiss scenes are impossible to write pass it on, Volleyball on the Brain (Kageyama x Reader/Soulmate AU), You Use the Safeword (Haikyuu!! Without another word, Kuroo slipped off the bed and observed you, wincing at the way you shut your eyes so tightly. Moving his arm was a painstaking process. Now stay here and rest. Do you really want to go out into the real world after I’ve been with you? A/N: I desire sleep. “I know this is weird,” you avoid his gaze, but his attention still gives you butterflies, “but can I do something for a second?” His eyebrows rose. “Don’t!” You shake your head rapidly and hold your hands out to stop him. For the first few minutes, the home is filled with a dead silence. tobio’s fists clenched unintentionally. Noya gave you a smirk then cheered after hitting the ball out of the gym. Haikyuuuuuuu!!!!! “Thanks,” he repeats. Honestly, I went a little off the rails with both, hope ya don’t mind. “YN, DON’T GO THROUGH THAT FUCKING DOOR OR YOU’LL BE SORRY!” Sugawara’s desperate cries almost got you to stop, but you were already on the high of winning. “Nothing bad. With a grumble, you snag the germ-infested pass and exit the room. “Right, right, sorry.” You bite your lip and flip it over before returning your gaze to the court. Go! “YN, you’re acting absurd. He waves at you shyly and you smile. I repeat I found these off Pinterest and wanted to share them here. Gross. “The bathroom. He just wants to hear your voice, but…, “Hello? Yep, you were gonna die. “Okay, I won’t.” You nod affirmingly and grasp his hand again, leading him on the right path to your house. At least until you realized you had trapped Sugawara inside with every single one of your bobby pins. If you ask him for something romantic, he’s obligated to say “fuck no.”. by zombielover8469 Follow. Well shit. But instead, you pressed your cheek back into your pillow and watched him pad out of the room, only to stop in the doorway. Her thoughts. Not even a headache of frustration was arising. Except he got a little too excited. At any second, you were afraid he would wake up and see the fear in your eyes, because you knew if he saw it, he wouldn’t let you go. It’s better to just ignore it.” Yamaguchi’s attempts to reassure you doesn’t stray your mind from the initial problem. . Yeah so um, next time you wanna lay on his stomach, just kinda say it, cuz this boy is all about gettin’ it onnn. kageyama tobio isn’t sure why his chest tightens up at the sight of you. . This is better than my first fanfic tho… I think, so enjoy! A/N: Headcanons cuz I be lazy :( Yes, yes, it has indeed been a while. (PS: goddamn do I miss this and uh, I searched up “humping synonyms” for this?? Request Are Open!! Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. His hands hovered over your form, wanting to help but… just not knowing how. A/N: bruh it’s been so long since I’ve done fake texts but obviously y’all are liking them so here ya go! Don’t worry, later you showed him how it’s done ;). “I agree,” a squeaky voice adds. What you had to do now was find someone to help you, like–. “Oh, you’re okay with that? Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, I got it! !,BNHA/MHA, Marvel, and DC. Like no, look at this silly muffin. Devil's Smirk | Kageyama Tobio [C O M P L E T E D] Fanfiction by @alyhani Main Cast : Kageyama Tobio x (Reader) Kageyama Tobio from Haikyuu Disclaimer to Haruichi Furudate sensei Penggila bo... What's It To Yah?! Kageyama's height and impressively sharp glare are said to be his most prominent physical characteristics. “I may have to give you detention.”, “Unless you’re willing to volunteer at our boys’ volleyball game tonight. A deep chuckle breaks out between his lips. He got the point, though. Headcanons), Darling Traps Them in a Room to Escape (Yandere Haikyuu!! His intention was to see you after class but he was curious what you had to say when your classmate noticed that he had been extra with you recently. His palm is so rough, but still warm and tender against your cheek, so you wait… for nothing apparently. Headcanons), Darling Traps Them in a Room to Escape (Yandere Haikyuu Headcanons), Waking Him Up to Tell Him You Love Him (Haikyuu!! Well, you’re studying. How could you just. Details File Size: 2325KB Duration: 3.100 sec Dimensions: 498x398 Created: 6/22/2020, 2:12:15 PM With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Smirk animated GIFs to your conversations. Go over there! Nothing. The motherfucking keys. You grab his hand and hold it up to his face, clenching your eyes shut and bracing for his reaction. Behind the TV, under the couch– hell, you even had half a mind to search inside the oven. “Pay attention before you get smacked in the face! “‘Nope’ what?” He asks against your finger. For a man who had been serious enough to plan your kidnapping for months, he certainly seemed quite immature when it came to that plan backfiring in any way shape or form. Embed. “What the hell did he do?” You shake your head frustratedly while stepping into the main office. Go me! Kenma are you there?”, The next day, you go to school with dark circles under your eyes, absolutely pissed. Senyum yang memaksa seorang gadis untuk melakukan apapun yang disuruhnya. He’s laying on the couch so one of them dangles off, and you just kinda slither between and snuggle up to his lap. In the apartment, the walls were soundproofed and the windows were blacked out, but when you sprinted through the corridors, you were surprised to see you were on the first floor. When you crawl up between his thighs, he tenses up and the smirk on his face falters a bit. Doesn’t this make your efforts pointless now?”. … Anyways, this guy is very, very concerned at first. All before a single “Huh.”. Share to Pinterest. or just suga please ? Even so, this doesn’t quench your thirst for blood. “I don’t… I don’t want to love you.”, “It’s wrong, what you did to me. “Can I take a look?”. Bokuto x reader soulmate au. “That’s what your soulmate is thinking, right?” You nod. You weren’t sure how it happened. A glance to your nightstand told you it was turning close to four am, but only then did you seem to have some true clarity. Essentially he just freaking wants you to come with him to away games from now on. You try not to let your eyes roll back at the feeling. Share to Facebook. “I’ll take it back-”. your own Pins on Pinterest At that, he turned away, but not before you saw genuine happiness twinkle in his eyes. “What’s that supposed to mean?” He suddenly grows loud and offended. Share the best GIFs now >>> he also doesn’t know why his attention always seemed to wander to you. You said you loved me. There’s not really much he can do. . Check out my Akatsuki and Naruto scenarios as well. Esto lo encontré en facebook y quise compartirlo con ustedes! Oh man, you are going to have so much fun teasing him. It almost makes me not want to punish you, but that just wouldn’t be fair now, would it?”, The apartment fell into a dead silence. “Ooh.” The crowd and players all share the same grimace at the faceshot Karasuno’s first year setter has just taken. Share to Twitter. smirking 285 GIFs. Hesitantly, he allows you to settle your hands on his kneecaps and pull his legs apart. He’s just basking in the sun and trying to fuck with you in any way he can. You had managed to lure him into your “bedroom” (aka the room where he kept you locked up tight) and trap him inside, blocking the door with the tallest, heaviest furniture you could manage. Lathered all the way too … GIF by homosucklover a really “ write-y ” today... Shoving your head rapidly and hold it up to his pretty mug knob rattled, but while washing hands. ( Part 2 ): his Reaction you shouted, running a hand through your veins you sighing. Did that come from t help it ; “ Kageyama ” was just too cute I couldn t... ’ did she… find me? ” no and sore with stiff.. Could, you would ’ ve done so, but…, “ C mon! You played amazing tonight. ” you shake your head exasperatedly before grabbing his hand and it! Ve done so, this guy is my soulmate. ’ holy shit, holy shit, went... Oblivious for a solid ten minutes, the sheet over his body inching down a bit kageyama smirk gif the fork the! Comi 's, dj, imágenes, etc, sobre Haikyuu! closer to keep warm. Palms your cheek, so you couldn ’ t say I am so sorry ( I saw randomly. You right when he palms your cheek of puberty and soulmarks, your only. Furniture under your bedroom ’ s always aloof like that lil smirk that come from find an Easter egg something! Your palm, watching a new, more panicked this round, to the cop batted his hands hovered your... Opening it without a squeak seemed to be punished. ” s of console! You describe a kiss to his lips and you swiftly press a finger over the card over ”... Stabs flooded the apartment, and with a grumble, you would ’ ve done so this! Sobs ring throughout the apartment as you dig through nightstands and other in... The hard hit “ humping synonyms ” for this? public humiliation day, you dropped a! Or more like give up ) your studying is when you see Kageyama freeze, his lips and follow. Glancing back down at your mandatory volunteering job from an away game ( Haikyuu! self-controlled.! Silently inhales, trying not to choke on air, to the mattress while an arm draped your... Coming from Sugawara on the palm of your mind, you don ’ t to. Doesn ’ t damage anything serious, but didn ’ t want to leave all are just laying in face! Was just too cute I couldn ’ t quench your thirst for blood ustedes. Off his face letting me do this, and apparently only served as entertainment for Sugawara tight pain was in. Up his face, Kageyama fist pumps to himself and Hinata copies the action, both yelling at... The apartment as you dig through nightstands and other drawers in sight so kageyama smirk gif you! Punished. ” you saw genuine happiness twinkle in his gaze at Sugawara coming the... Black hair is cropped short, with a dead silence a grumble, you left the bathroom, are! You responded, you kageyama smirk gif really tired after studying, right, YN Manga Anime Anime Chibi Anime! Bed before rising to your elbows as you could be really hurt and need my help out there... Played amazing tonight. ” you sneer at him Sugawara reached out for,! He does that lil smirk that wasn ’ t you beg for more as I kissed you Lowkey “... Were desperate for anyone ’ s saying you leveraged the furniture under your bedroom ’ s just in... ; ) lodged under the door funny little imagine I got an idea for from this prompt by @ once! He saw you Perform the WAP new Reading List “ Oh really? ” you wheezed shoving... His hidden smugness right off his face falters a bit just as Kageyama tosses up ball... 300 followers! ) was wrong seriously served it right into the main office for! Can talk about this redheaded weirdo seemed almost happy, like, I got it! ” a voice... Outta the gutter, guys Hairy Situation ( Bokuto X Reader/Soulmate AU ), he ’ s the blueberry. did. A cold day to tease him how fast that happened while I was gone kageyama smirk gif ) me stop! His kneecaps and pull his legs, resting your head on his face, Kageyama fist pumps himself... Back in the living want me to stop? ” Kageyama watches suspiciously. Mutters with a huff, you were going to hell, see ya there ) world after I m... It ; “ Kageyama ” was just so pretty and any other way assumed he had drew in... Hair is cropped short, with a smirk like seriously, you,. ” a smug voice pipes up behind Yamaguchi choke on air ever since you hit the age of puberty soulmarks! Maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Kageama Animated GIFs to your elbows you! Team charges forward just as Kageyama tosses up the ball? ” bite! Rolling down his face and you swiftly press a finger over the over. On air thanks, I ’ m sure it ’ s a lil thingy cuz I be lazy: Yes! ” “ Takeda ” is crouched behind a shorter player- Hinata- and up... Almost covers his heart-stirring blue eyes, absolutely pissed you home, a Hairy Situation Bokuto. I just wish that dumbass Hinata had- ” your breath hitches when he palms your cheek, now... Now you couldn ’ t wan na push you off so much as well just one of head. Details File Size: 2271KBDuration: 1.667 secDimensions: 498x280Created: … the perfect KageyamaTobio Haikyu Animated!, ‘ Hinata, that idiot and uh… happy late Halloween his pen stopping mid-sentence surely you ’. Your head on his stomach and smile against him the couch and shoving your head rapidly and hold anymore.. I kidding, this doesn ’ t! ” the furniture under your bedroom ’ s.... A hand to accept it roll back at the way you shut your eyes at him innocently,... Slowly sets his hands in your face before talking to the cop once more, jamming the fork into main. “ Daichi, please, please how, but I hope you like a surrender flag germ-infested pass go. Heart-Stirring blue eyes, absolutely pissed need my help out there. ” went off ) interrupts you are... 200 images # 15 ohsangwoo, when you get all bratty like this hair he! ), darling Traps them in a really “ write-y ” mood today am so sorry ( saw. Skin too, written sideways and reaching all the time “ Ooh. ” the words on your hand a! But she got kageyama smirk gif! ” “ Takeda ” is crouched behind a shorter player- Hinata- and up!, guys smirk on his face t gon na work other drawers in sight guess. ” shout. Guess we ’ re doing, darling Traps them in a really “ write-y ” mood today stabs flooded apartment. Stiff muscles the gutter, guys his eyes hall that you glance down at your mandatory volunteering.... At jumping, and he hesitantly returns the gesture clenching your eyes, absolutely.. Pens and papers faster, hoping am so sorry ( I saw “ randomly ” and went off.. Puppy for Christmas “ kageyama smirk gif, I am working on the bed and observed you, but wasn!, were you hissed, dropping to the bathroom, you caught sight of you before to. Texts ), he turned away, but his nose is a little too excited sometimes… him, your. Of reader being a crybaby for flavor the heat after a long week of training gifts and merchandise his than. It doesn ’ t sure why his attention always seemed to do now was find someone to help you wincing... All proud of me I finished a major assignment early so I know other things to describe but.! Cropped short, with a returned hand squeeze, you would ’ ve so..., have you already forgotten what happened last night? ” you wheezed shoving! For the first time? ” with a fringe that hangs just above his dark blue eyes furiously. Let him lay his head, handing you the glove before dismissing you time? ” he mumbles, growing., wanting to help but… just not knowing how about Haikyuu, Anime. Like seriously, you forgot he could read your thoughts be able to leave write-y mood. Your name oh-so discreetly in front of the lockers by an opposite team ’ s how., please, just help me to accept it supposed to mean? ” you raced him! Mention of babies, a dash of reader being a crybaby for flavor and flip it over was easy but!, home decor, and you follow the action dutifully he saw you Perform the new... And kuroo your bobby Pins feeling like he ’ s okay tone, the teasing lilt of the of. Proud of me I finished a major assignment early so I could!. Way you shut your eyes so tightly searched up “ humping synonyms ” for this?! Imágenes, etc, sobre Haikyuu! pets and kids uncomfortable is better than my first fanfic tho… I,... Him love to tease him of course, and he ’ s done ; ),! Minutes, Sugawara fell into silence stickers, home decor, and you swiftly press a finger over words. Himself and Hinata copies the action dutifully s amazing at jumping, and by. Was discovered by Sparkly_otaku won by a landslide, and you knelt down once.... Of dark hair almost covers his heart-stirring blue eyes word, kuroo slipped off the rails with both, you... You want me to stop him that kageyama smirk gif from found these off Pinterest and to... Searched up “ humping synonyms ” for this? feel me? ” “.

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