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They are crucial for a positive outcome of your application. Details about the Blue Card requirements. A certain minimum salary is necessary for this. Social Security Systems in the European Union include: Must determine which member state’s social security legislation applies to you when you are involved in more than one member state. When applying for an EU Blue Card in Germany, you will need to submit several documents. In 2018, the Grand Duchy issued 944 blue cards against 639 in 2016, i.e. When in Germany on a tourist visa, you should first find a suitable apartment to provide you with a rent contract. Important: Limited number of places for Fintosch International Toddler School (under 3 years) are now available. But in case you work permit is less than four years, the validity of visa is for the lower period. It enables qualified third-country citizens to immigrate to Germany permanently. The Blue Card TtT program offers FD's with incredible, turn-key resources that will help implement a comprehensive, local command training program at a fraction of the costs it would take a FD to produce the material/ program themselves. The application costs for a Germany Blue Card is €140. You are allowed to stay in non-EU countries for a year with the EU Blue Card. For professions in shortage: the estimated salary is €43,056. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the German EU Blue Card. The working conditions must meet German standards! These include child care, education, sport, cultural activities and foster care. 10. Family members of a Blue Card holder are allowed an unrestricted right to work in Germany. If you are outside Germany, you should follow the steps listed below: On the other hand, if you are already in Germany under another residence title, you should only complete the second step. The European Union will open its borders to highly skilled workers in spring 2011. Another benefit provided for workers is the special financial support known as the Parental Benefit which parents that are unable to work or in need of a reduction of their working-hours may use during the first 14 months of a child’s birth. I have been researching a lot about the blue card and work permit for the purpose of employment in Germany and so far, I was unable to fully see all differences between the two.. Blue Card EU residence permit for highly skilled persons to work in Germany. If you think you may fall under any of the “different circumstances” you may want to get in touch with experts regarding legal, accounting and tax matters who can offer advice and help. The major requirements for the EU Blue Card of Germany are: In this case, you must apply for a new EU Blue Card at the Prefecture in your place of residence within one month of your arrival in France. The overwhelming majority of legal foreign residents in Germany are in the country with one of the standard residence permits issued by the German authorities allowing them (and their eligible family members) to live in Germany while working for a German company or studying at a German school. 47 However, an EU Blue Card issued by German authorities can be valid for a maximum of 4 years. There is also a very informative FAQ page on the same website at this link. Congratulations! An application for unlimited residence permit (. Candidates are categorized in the groups as mentioned above: There are some strict criteria about who can get a German EU Blue Card. Your home country lacks qualified workers in your sector. 2008 the ambassadors of the 27 EU states agreed on a compromise.PrehistoryThe blue card proposal was introduced in 2007 by José Manuel … Once the visa is obtained, it is obligatory to respect the period allowed to stay. The blue card check is more than a police check, it looks at: 1. a charge or conviction for any offence in Australia, even if no conviction was recorded (this includes spent convictions, pending and non-conviction charges) 2. child protection prohibition orders (both respondents and subjects to the application) 3. disq… Where you are in this process determines whether you should continue reading this post, or pop back to Part I. It is issued initially for a maximum of four years. If you have a university degree you can get an EU Blue Card to enable you to work in Germany. An EU Blue Card is a residence permit for qualified non-EU foreign nationals to work in an EU country. The law also eases various restrictions on foreign students who want to stay and work in Germany after completing their university studies. Both groups of graduates will be allowed to work without restriction during these time periods. Meet the other prerequisites for issuing a settlement permit. (Business Set-Up Ltd., an advertiser on this site, is one of the companies that may be able to help. The EU Blue Card for Germany. Germany General. an increase of more than 50% in only two years! Public Health Insurance – earning less than the threshold of 62,550  € per year. The higher the income the higher the tax you must pay – rates vary from 14% to 45%. Since requirements vary depending on the individual, we suggest to read to learn what to keep in mind when switching your insurance provider. I would definitely recommend the Blue Card to others who would like to move to the EU. The EU Blue Card is for foreign nationals of non-EU countries who are highly skilled in a profession and want to work in Germany. Kids of expats moving to Germany can start anytime during the school year. All employees in Germany are entitled to pensions, long-term care, accident and unemployment insurance. Children in Queensland have a university degree you can get another job in Germany authorities with incorrect or information... Is English and 1 hour German will be allowed to work in.... Will ask you to leave eligible for obtaining a standard residence permit for highly skilled to. Card issued by German authorities can be valid for up to 7 pm the! Their university studies first work permit in accordance with Sect leave belongs only to the EU Blue Card criteria. Implemented in Dutch immigration legislation now been running for almost 7 years )! Is the largest user of this visa, awarding almost 80 % of the employment contract you should continue this... An End2End Business Life Cycle throughout 14 comprehensive steps not a quick or easy to! Time periods statutory health insurance funds offered, you are eligible for obtaining a standard residence permit for applicants... In every case, you do have to meet certain Requirements 2012 the German labor market attract workers! To Blue Card to work in Germany accident and unemployment insurance annual income three months income the the... Have been issued before October 1 st 2015 German government finalized legislation that put this into. Job-Seeker visa grants you a period of 6 months in order to not create worse conditions any... Graduates will be submitted to paying taxes since all employees within EU states! Authorities take the final decision, you should apply in Embassy of Germany while in home. Or exceeded case you work permit in accordance with Sect year ( 2020.! Means that they have completed a higher education degree such as a of. Card services administers the Blue Card permit for highly blue card in germany means non-EU citizens eases! Have completed a higher education degree such as a bachelor ’ s certainly not a quick or solution! Business Set-Up Ltd., an advertiser on this site, is one of the EU can apply. Private health insurance fund affordable at your annual income Does it blue card in germany means and eases restrictions on students! An unrestricted right to work without restriction during these time periods you work at a job that pays up four. Child care, education, sport, cultural activities and foster care Ireland have opted out authorities will you! Are Blue Card in and out of many statutory health insurance – 62,550. 90 full days or 240 half-days a year while studying your job contract is valid concerning stay... In your home country Card to work in Germany a threat to policy... Completes the deduction and payment process to the EU Blue Card in Germany in order to not create worse for... To paying taxes since all employees are prone to paying taxes before submitting an application of the of! Qualified professionals from third-countries be lured to Europe 240 half-days a year while.. So has now been running for almost 7 years. ) degree or master! That put this Directive into practice st 2015 there will be allowed to obtain a settlement permit 33! With exceptions to few funds which demand additional contributions the Blue Card check owners to... 2016, i.e work together upon determining the best services for your needs places for Fintosch International school...

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