Car-O-Liner frame straightening equipment


BenchRack™ was introduced in 1988 as the market emerged for larger vehicles, pickup trucks and SUVs. This system is best suited for those vehicles, including up to 1-ton trucks. The BenchRack name is derived from the fact that it can be used as a bench . This model is a drive-on, which is most commonly called a "rack." Its removable side sections (ramps) allow for the flexibility to be used as a bench or a rack.

  • Platforms that increase productivity
  • Assured quality control with
  • Car-O-Tronic measuring systems
  • EVO System for holding, anchoring and
  • fixturing offers low operating costs
  • 24 hour access to vehicle information
  • Highly efficient welding systems
  • WorkShop Solutions that facilitate lean production
  • Knowledge is power, supplied by the Academy training programs
  • Customer Service worldwide


Car-O-Liner frame straightening equipment

Car-O-Liner Quick 42™

The Quick 42™frame alignment system was introduced in 2009 as the market emerged into "blue printing" for thorough repair estimates and repair plans. It can be used for measuring a vehicle without set-up and, if necessary, it features quick lifting and clamping for a vehicle set-up. Measuring base (bridge) may stay on the machine to enhance quick measuring. It is also used in areas of repair shops known as "fast lane," "quick lane," "fast track repairs," etc. This frame machine system is capable of handling light repairs to heavy duty repairs. Quick 42 is best suited for uni-body car repairs and compact truck and SUV repairs.



HYDRA-LIFT INDUSTRIES is pleased to introduce the latest in 2 post lift technology. The "Millennium" series of 2 post lifts have achieved the highest level in design and construction incorporating a dual hydraulic system with active synchronization that eliminates the need for cables, chains, and other troublesome components that require constant maintenance. The SUPER-GLIDE system increases product life and durability by reducing friction and eliminating the need for lubrication. The glide bearings are precisely situated for maximum load capability.2post_dia

Paint Booth

Paint Booth

PPG paint eco-friendly water based paint

Our Cross Flow Booth draws fresh air through filters in the drive in doors. This clean filtered air is pulled through the booth and then exhausts through a filter system on the other end.

The filtered exhaust air is pulled through the exhaust plenum and discharged straight up and into the atmosphere through an exhaust stack.

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