Metro Auto Body is proud to be part of the Mazda Certified Collision Network, and the only Mazda Certified Collision Center in Queens NY.

1. Why choose a Mazda Collision Network facility?

Mazda believes in supporting our customers through the entire vehicle lifecycle—from purchasing a new car to properly restoring it following an accident. The facilities selected to participate in the Mazda Collision Network meet our industry-leading standards for business operations, training, tools and equipment. And like Mazda, they are committed to proper, safe repair and to providing you with an exceptional customer experience.

2. What makes a Mazda Collision Network facility different from other collision repair shops?

Proper Tooling and Equipment: Mazda Collision Network facilities are required to have the right tools and equipment to repair your Mazda vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Business Operations: Each Network facility must adhere to our high standards for professionalism and business operations.

Training: All Mazda Collision Network facilities have received I-CAR® Gold Class® designation—the collision repair industry’s highest achievement for training—and demonstrated their dedication to performing complete, safe and quality repairs.

Customer Satisfaction: Our facilities are focused on exceeding your expectations. Mazda closely monitors the feedback you provide in your customer experience survey to ensure Network members are achieving our vehicle owner satisfaction requirements.

Access to Mazda Repair Information: Mazda publishes detailed repair information that our Network facilities can access throughout the vehicle repair process.

Pre- and Post-Scanning: Mazda Collision Network shops have the tools needed to uncover diagnostic trouble codes triggered during a collision and confirm that those codes are cleared following the repair.

Repair Quality Assurance: Network members must use specific software tools to help ensure a quality repair and also stand behind their repair work by providing you with a limited lifetime warranty.

3. Can a Mazda Collision Network facility perform warranty repairs and service/maintenance?

Warranty repairs must be performed by an authorized Mazda dealership. Mazda Collision Network facilities oversee collision and paint repairs. They do not perform service and maintenance inspections.

4. What are Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and how do they affect repair work?

ADAS rely on multiple data inputs to ensure the vehicle is functioning as designed. These inputs—provided by radar, ultrasonic, LIDAR and camera sensors—work together to support a wide array of applications ranging from pedestrian avoidance to driver drowsiness detection. Several of the most common ADAS features found on Mazda vehicles are:

• Blind Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross Traffic Alert

• Lane-Keep Assist

• Lane Departure Warning

• Smart Brake Support

• Rearview Camera

• Mazda Radar Cruise Control

Last Updated: November 30, 2021 2

ADAS-equipped automobiles often require extra attention during the repair. This includes the need to recalibrate the sensors. Mazda Collision Network facilities are experienced in the proper, safe repair of vehicles with ADAS and they have the right tools to evaluate, repair and calibrate these critical electronic systems.

5. Can I choose a Mazda Network facility even if my insurance company suggests other collision facilities?

Yes! It is your choice where—and how—your vehicle is repaired. The facilities in our Network have demonstrated that they meet the highest collision repair standards and have the tools, equipment and training needed to return your automobile to the road.

6. How do I find my local Mazda Collision Network facility?

A facility locator is available at from within the Owners Service page (

7. Can my Mazda dealer help me with my collision repair?

Mazda recommends working with a member of the Mazda Collision Network to ensure safe and proper repairs for collision needs that can include, but are not limited to, Mazda dealerships with body shops.

8. Will roadside assistance tow my vehicle to a Mazda Collision Network facility?

Mazda’s roadside assistance is designed to tow you to the nearest authorized Mazda dealership from the location of the vehicle at the time of the incident.

9. Will Genuine Mazda Parts be used during the repair? Genuine Mazda Parts were designed, engineered and tested specifically for use on your Mazda automobile. They have also passed a thorough quality-control process, helping to ensure that your vehicle maintains optimal performance. It is important to confirm with both your Mazda Collision Network facility and your insurance provider that Genuine Mazda Parts will be used to repair your vehicle. Generally, parts are categorized as:

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): These parts were manufactured by Mazda for Mazda vehicles.

Aftermarket: Aftermarket parts are any parts that are not developed by Mazda.

Recycled: Recycled parts are salvaged from used vehicles.